Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aphex's.Packet Trojan

How To Remove Aphex's.Packet?
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Aphex's.Packet is dangerous virus:
This loose category includes a variety of Trojans that damage victim machines or
threaten data integrity, or impair the functioning of the victim machine.

Multi-purpose Trojans are also included in this group, as some virus writers
create multi-functional Trojans rather than Trojan packs.
Backdoors are the most dangerous type of Trojans and the most popular.
Backdoors open infected machines to external control via Internet.
Often the backdoor will not be visible in the log of active programs.
Hacker Tools are designed to penetrate remote computers
in order to use them as zombies or to download other malicious programs to computer.

Aphex's.Packet It also known as:

[Eset]Win32/Asniffer.032 trojan;
[F-Prot]security risk or a "backdoor" program;
[Panda]Backdoor Program;
[Computer Associates]Win32.ASniffer.032,Win32/ASniffer.032.Trojan

Aphex's.Packet Symptoms:


You must clean you computer ASAP !!!
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