Monday, December 22, 2008

Diem's.Mutter Backdoor

How To Remove Diem's.Mutter?
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Diem's.Mutter is dangerous virus:
Backdoors are used by virus writers to detect and download confidential information,
execute malicious code, destroy data, include the machine in bot networks and so forth.

Many trojans and backdoors now have remote administration capabilities
allowing an individual to control the victim's computer.
Many times a file called the server must be opened on the victim's computer before
the trojan can have access to it.

These are generally sent through email, P2P file sharing software,
and in internet downloads. They are usually disguised as a legitimate program or file.
Many server files will display a fake error message when opened, to make it seem like it didn't open.
Some will also kill antivirus and firewall software.
These utilities are designed to penetrate remote computers
in order to use them as zombies (by using backdoors) or to download other malicious programs to computer.

Exploits use vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications to achieve the same result.

Diem's.Mutter It also known as:

[F-Prot]security risk or a "backdoor" program;
[Computer Associates]Backdoor/Mutter.13!Server

Diem's.Mutter Symptoms:


You must clean you computer ASAP !!!
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